Repair Policy

We are sorry if you have experienced any problems with a Trenz Electronic GmbH product. Our support team is committed to getting your product back up and running as quickly as possible. Please help us assist you by following the processes and conditions below.

Buyer may return any and all products found to be defective upon delivery, or within a reasonable time thereafter. Provided, that any such defective products are returned to seller, freight collect, within ninety (90) days of the buyers discovery of the defect. For each claim that buyer returns to seller an 8d report will be created by seller. In case the product failure stated in this report is resulting from end-user solely misusing or changing the products without Seller's authorization, seller won't take any liabilities and an user error can be assumed.

An RMA claim that is not reported within 2 weeks of receipt of the goods will not suspend the previously established payment terms. The general warranty period remains unaffected and begins with the receipt of goods.

1. return authorization

Some issues can be resolved remotely by our support team. To help you faster and avoid unnecessary shipping costs, Trenz Electronic GmbH asks you to first submit your case to our support team via our website before sending in your product for repair:

RMA request form


Please help us to speed up the diagnosis by describing the problem as detailed as possible. If repair is required, you will receive what is known as a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and shipping and packaging instructions on how and where to send your product.
Please note: Items returned to Trenz Electronic GmbH without an assigned RMA number may be returned by Trenz Electronic GmbH at your expense.


2. warranty

If a defect is a case of statutory warranty, your rights and obligations are governed by the provisions of the applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of Trenz Electronic GmbH. However, please initiate the warranty process by requesting an RMA number (as described in section 1 above).


3. distribution goods

Products that we distribute as a distributor, please send to us for reclamation.

Affected are products from: Digilent, .......


4. costs

For repairs or requested services not covered by warranty, you must pay the service charge for parts and labor plus shipping, or in the case of a non-warranty replacement, the current purchase price at the time of RMA registration plus service charge and shipping.


5. minimum charge

For all services that are not covered by the warranty, a minimum fee of 50,- € will be charged regardless of whether a defect was detected or not. This also applies to products that are returned to us during the liability period for material defects without a defect being detected.


6. cost estimates

If a repair or modification outside the warranty is desired, Trenz Electronic GmbH will prepare an offer with a cost estimate (including labor, material and shipping costs) after receipt of the goods.

The prerequisite for this is that the goods are in proper condition.
You have 30 days to declare acceptance of the offer at the estimated cost and to approve the repair or modification by e-mail. If the estimate is not approved by you within this period, the repair offer will be considered rejected and Trenz Electronic GmbH will return the sent product to you, charging the minimum fee (section 5) plus shipping costs.


7. questions

If you have any questions about the RMA process, please contact the support team at:


Thank you!


Trenz Electronic GmbH Support Team