Trenz Electronic's FPGA System on Modules (SoMs) are currently available from Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, as part of a new global distribution agreement signed by the two companies.
04.10.2016 - The EU project TULIPP (Towards Ubiquitous Low-Power Image Processing Platforms) is an initiative for energy-efficient embedded systems for complex image processing applications. TULIPP is financed by Horizon 2020, a research and innovation program of the European Union, with almost 4 million Euros.
The new EMC²-KU35 is a stackable FPGA module with Gen2 PCI Express interfaces that are “OneBank” compatible and has a VITA57.1 FMC I/O slot controlled by a Kintex UltraScale KU35 FPGA, and is fully supported by the latest Xilinx Vivado tools.
The Zybot Makes its Educational Debut
One of the Digilent fans implements Mandelbrot on Genesys 2 and 4K resolution application on Nexys Video. These two projects are open source.
TULIPP Towards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms
Targets complex multi-tasking embedded system designs in automotive, broadcast, communications, industrial, medical, mil/aero, and test & measurement markets