Shipping & Handling

1. Cost of Delivery

Packaging, shipment, C.O.D. fees (in case Cash On Delivery payment is indicated) and insurance costs are updated continuously and are shown in the detailed product description. The actual amounts will be stated in the filled shopping cart anytime, and during the checkout process, plus invoiced particularly.

Basically, the delivery is carried out by UPS or optionally by DHL within one to two working days within Germany, by UPS within two days to two weeks to EU member states, if not stated differently in the product description.

Free delivery with default shipping from 65 Euro order value within Germany. Express shipping and Cash-on-delivery fees are excluded.

2. Cash On Delivery - C.O.D.

Cash-On-Delivery payment will be accepted only for shipments in Germany. The following fees are required on C.O.D payment: 0,3% of the total value, at least 5,90 EUR within Germany. All costs are shown before the order is finished. The delivery may not be partitioned.

UPS will collect the payment for your goods upon delivery and forward it to Trenz Electronic. If UPS is unable to collect the amount after three attempts, the package will be returned.

3. Customs charges and fees for non EU countries

Additional charges can be applied to the customer for customs, fees and taxes in case of delivery to non-EU countries.