New product release: TEI0024 - MAXCO2 Evaluation kit for precise CO2 measurement

The Trenz Electronic TEI0024-01 MAXCO2 is a compact evaluation kit for precise CO2 measurement of the ambient air in rooms and displays pre-defined CO2 levels directly via 8 LEDs. MAXCO2 is a combination of the well-known MAX1000 Intel FPGA board, where many tutorials are available, and the high-precision CO2 measurement sensor SCD30 from Sensirion. The board is supplied via a standard micro-USB connector (e.g. mobile phone charger) and shows the current CO2 concentration levels via the LEDs already after a few seconds.

Further Details and ordering:
TEI0024 - MAXCO2 Evaluation kit

Key Features

MAX1000 Board

  • MAX10 Intel FPGA
    • 8kLE
    • ADC 8x12Bit
    • Internal Flash
  • Sensor: 3-Axis Acceleration
  • 2x Switch
  • 8x LED (for CO2 level indication)
  • Pmod connector
  • Arduino MKR connector (partly used by SCD30)
  • USB-Programmer2 (FPGA Programmer und Debugger)
  • Small form factor: 61.5 mm x 25 mm

SCD30 – CO2 Sensor module

  • NDIR CO2 sensor technology
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Best performance-to-price ratio
  • Dual-channel detection for superior stability
  • Accuracy CO2 sensor: ± (30 ppm + 3%)
  • Measurement Range: 0 - 40'000 ppm
  • Auto calibration feature enabled


Latest documentation, design support files and reference designs with source files are available for download free of charge.

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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