Trenz Electronic introduces TEI0187 micro module with Altera® Agilex™ 5 SoC FPGAs

Trenz Electronic introduces TEI0187 micro module with Altera® Agilex 5 SoC FPGAs

Hüllhorst, Germany – March 1, 2024 – Trenz Electronic GmbH, a leading provider of FPGA & SoC modules and customized turnkey solutions, is proud to announce the launch of their first SoM featuring the powerful Agilex™ 5 SoC FPGA E-Series. This compact and versatile module is designed to empower engineers, researchers, and developers with cutting-edge application capabilities.

Key Features of the TEI0187 micro module:

The heart of the TEI0187 is the Agilex™ 5 SoC FPGA E-Series, which combines high performance with energy efficiency with up to 1.6x better performance per watt versus equivalent competitor devices*. With ist updated SoC subsystem, including a dual-core ARM Cortex-A76 and dual-core ARM Cortex-A55 with assorted peripherals, this FPGA enables rapid development and deployment of custom hardware accelerators. As the first FPGA infused with AI tensor block throughout the FPGA fabric, this device feature will allow customers to easily add AI inferencing functions to their embedded designs.

Compact Form Factor:
The TEI0187 micro module is small in size (52mm x 76mm) but big in functionality. Its compact dimensions are ideal for space-constrained designs, including edge computing, multi-axis robotics, and real-time industrial automation controls.

Interfaces and memory storages:
The module boasts a variety of interfaces and memory storages, including:

  • 2 x 1 GByte LPDDR4 SDRAM Memory IC

  • 256 MByte QSPI Flash

  • 1 x EEPROM Memory

  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet PHY

  • 1 x USB2.0 PHY, Support USB3.1

  • 1 x SD Card

  • I/O Interfaces: 331/96/19 (IOs/DIFF. Pairs/HPS IOs)

  • Plug-on-module with 3x 240-pin Samtec AccelerateHD (ADM6) connectors for B2B connection.


Robust Design:
Trenz Electronic’s commitment to quality is evident in the TEI0187’s robust design. Rigorous testing ensures reliability and performance even in demanding environments and for industrial requirements.

Open-Source Ecosystem:
The TEI0187 is fully supported by Trenz Electronic’s open-source ecosystem, including reference designs, software libraries, and documentation. Developers can jump-start their projects and accelerate time-to-market.


Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Trenz, CEO of Trenz Electronic GmbH: “We are thrilled to introduce the TEI0187 SoM that harnesses the power of the Agilex™ 5 SoC FPGA E-Series. This module represents our dedication to providing innovative solutions for the FPGA community and demonstrates our tight connection with Altera® and the benefit to customers – early adoption of new technologies.”

Rina Raman, VP and GM of Altera’s Embedded Acceleration Divisionstated, “We’re thrilled to grow our partner network with Trenz Electronic GmbH, bringing their premier Agilex™ 5 SoC FPGA E-Series SoM to our lineup. This partnership enriches our offerings with Trenz’s deep FPGA expertise and a robust open-source ecosystem, ensuring our customers have the resources they need for a head start on development.”


The TEI0187 micromodule is available for order now. For pricing and additional information, please visit Trenz Electronic’s website (

About Trenz Electronic GmbH:

Trenz Electronic GmbH is well known for developing, manufacturing, and supplying FPGA & SoC modules and customized turnkey solutions.
We specialize in working with Altera® FPGAs and SoCs for various types of analog and mixed-signal hardware design. Our modules are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Hüllhorst, Germany, to ensure quality and reliability.


*Altera® Agilex™ 5 FPGA E-series (A5E028A, mid-speed grade) vs. AMD/Xilinx Artix™ (AU25P, -2 speed grade) at 90% utilization, 500-Mhz, using vendors power estimator calculators. 

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